Live Expert Auction

Our not-for-profit organization retained the services of Jason McIntosh of Jason McIntosh Auctions to auction off 26 items at our fundraising event on November 4th, 2017.  The auction offered over two dozen local services (ie. carpentry, home cooking, graphic design, marketing, yoga and many more) that were auctioned off individually.  We originally had an auctioneer retained, but at the last minute they were unable to fulfill their commitment.  Jason was contacted with less than one weeks notice and agreed step in as the new auctioneer, despite having another auction earlier in the day prior to our event.  Jason arrived on time and was very professional.  He worked well with our MC and DJ.  Jason interacted well with the crowd.  He was able to read individuals demeanors well and play bidders off one another, creating more value than expected for a number of items up for bid.  We were very happy with Jason’s service and very grateful he was able to step up when others were not willing to do the same.

Jason McIntosh Auctioneer and Appraiser
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