Auction Services

Jason McIntosh has dreamed of becoming an auctioneer since he was a young boy of 8 years old. He would attend auction sales as often as he could with his neighbour Ed Hewitt. He loved listening to the sound of the auctioneer’s chant.

Jason graduated in 2002 from the University of Guelph’s Kemptville College with a diploma in agriculture. He came back to Peterborough where he started up a freezer beef business. Jason also started working full time at the Sunderland Co-Op’s Peterborough location. But something was missing from his life. So, in 2011 Jason attended the Canadian Auction College and successfully completed the course. Jason watched and listened to some of the best Auctioneers in Canada in order to learn the tricks of the trade from them.

Since graduation in 2011, Jason has sold and managed many sales, from large farms sales to small household sales. He does all of his auctions in conjunction with Doug Mitchell Auctions in Omemee, Ontario. Doug has been in the auction business since 1957.

Working together with Doug, Jason has been able to have the opportunity to expand his knowledge of the auction business. The most memorable sale that Jason has listed was in Pontypool. At that particular sale, there were 2 executors of the estate, one of them requested Doug Mitchell as the auctioneer, and the other requested Jason McIntosh. To Doug it was a win-win kind of situation, his response was “Our chances are pretty good at getting the sale”. While attending the 2012 Ontario Auctioneers Convention in Milton, he met up with a gentleman named Hoss Bertrand. Jason used the convention as an opportunity to network with fellow auctioneers. Hoss offered some great advice on the auction business, and his advice helped Jason get a job with North Toronto Auctions out of Barrie. Jason has also had the opportunity to work with Hoss at his company Global Assets Solutions in Milton. As Jason practiced his trade, he would often be asked to be the auctioneer at a variety of charity auctions in Peterborough and surrounding areas.

Jason and Doug have experience in auction sales in the following categories- farm, commercial, restaurant, antiques, real estate and much more. You never know what you will find at one of our sales. Our sales can be held at your place or at Doug Mitchell’s auction facility in Omemee, Ontario.

Jason also works as a Contract Auctioneer for North Toronto Car Auctions in Barrie, Ontario. He is also a Contract Auctioneer with Global Asset Solutions owned by Michel “Hoss” Bertrand. He has been the auctioneer for many charity auctions in Sunderland, Peterborough and surrounding areas, Minden and charity auctions within the Durham Region

Those Sentimental Auction Sales

For many of us in the auction industry, we have had people who have
brought us into the business, either by bringing us to sales as spectators, as a clerk,
ring man or a handler, or because our grandfathers, fathers, mothers or spouses
were auctioneers.

In my case it was a family friend who took me to auction sales as a kid. He
saw that I had an interest in becoming an auctioneer, and he encouraged me to go
to auction school. We spent many hours traveling across the region to attend
hundreds of auctions of the course of more then 2 decades.

In 2015 I lost that friend and mentor – Ed Hewitt. He was so dedicated to
attending these sales that he was at a sale when he passed away. When his family
was settling his estate, they made it very clear that Ed’s wishes were that Jason
McIntosh would be the one to sell off his estate (farm machinery, tools etc).

The estate sale was booked for June 4, 2016 and in the months leading up to
it, as we were sorting through what was to go into the sale and what was scrap, I
started remembering the items that he had purchased when we were at sales
together. He could always find that great deal, and he would be happy to know
that the gates that we bought for $30 a piece were sold for $75 at his sale. Or the
bale feeder that he bought for $150 and was sold for $250. He was a great buyer at
auction sales, but he also knew how to heckle the auctioneer. He provided lots
entertainment for his fellow auction spectators.

It was a bittersweet day because I know that I will never be able to attend
another auction sale with him, but I will always remember the support and
encouragement that I received from him. And he would be happy to know that the
treasures that he had collected over the years, had sold really well.